• 16.90

    Pescatarian Platter (P)

    For two… A sharing plate of deep fried calamari and mussels, falafel, hummus, mixed Greek olives and sourdough crips. P

  • 5.50

    Vegan Falafel (VG)

    Ground chickpeas , Mediterranean herbs and spices . With a vegan rosemary mayo on tomato sauce base.VG

  • 9.90

    Fiery Shrimp

    Deglazed with white wine in a hot fiery chilli garlic-butter sauce. Served with freshly made sough dough bread. P

  • 4.50

    Greek Olives (VG)

    A premium selection in olive and oregano. VG

  • 4.50

    Garlic bread (V)

    Crispy oven baked sourdough pizza bread coated with a garlic fresh-herb butter V

  • 5.50

    Sourdough Bruschetta (VG)

    Freshly-made toasted slices topped with vine tomatoes and red onion with virgin olive oil, garlic and basil. VG

  • 8.50

    Koka Kalamari (P)

    Golden deep-fried calamari garnished with smoked paprika.Served with chef’s tartar. P

  • 5.90

    Soup of the day – Hot or Chilled

    Freshly made soup by Chef Donica.Ask your waiter for more information.All Soups served with sourdough bread.