Lites, Bites & Small Plates

  • 4.50

    Greek Olives (VG)

    A premium selection in olive and oregano. VG

  • 4.50

    Garlic bread (V)

    Crispy oven baked sourdough pizza bread coated with a garlic fresh-herb butter V

  • 5.50

    Sourdough Bruschetta (VG)

    Freshly-made toasted slices topped with vine tomatoes and red onion with virgin olive oil, garlic and basil. VG

  • 8.50

    Koka Kalamari (P)

    Golden deep-fried calamari garnished with smoked paprika.Served with chef’s tartar. P

  • 11.90

    Fiery Shrimp

    Deglazed with white wine in a hot fiery chilli garlic-butter sauce. Served with freshly made sough dough bread. P

  • 6.50

    Vegan Falafel (VG)

    Ground chickpeas , Mediterranean herbs and spices . With a vegan rosemary mayo on tomato sauce base.VG

  • 5.90

    Soup of the day – Hot or Chilled

    Freshly made soup by Chef Donica.Ask your waiter for more information.All Soups served with sourdough bread.

  • 18.90

    Mediterranean Platter (P)

    For two… A sharing plate of deep fried calamari and mussels, falafel, hummus, mixed Greek olives and sourdough crips. P


  • 10.90

    Tomato Burrata (V)

    Creamy burrata, miniature plum tomatoes and red onions in a virgin olive oil, aged vinegar and herb dressing. Served with toasted sourdough. V

  • 11.90

    Insalata di Pesche (P)

    A refreshing salad with nutritious sea bass, sweet potato, arugula and cucumber with a virgin olive oil and basil dressing. P

  • 8.90

    Kalithean Greek Salad (V)

    Tomato, cucumber, Kalamata olives, red onion and capers with slabs of Greek feta cheese accompanied with sliced sourdough toast. V

  • 11.90

    Ceasar Salad

    Mediterranean Caesar salad with succulent grilled chicken breast, chef Donica’s own-recipe Caesar sauce, parmesan shavings and sourdough crisps.


  • 13.90

    Baked Moussaka

    Modern Mediterranean moussaka.Delicious light béchamel topping on a mix grass-fed ground beef,potatos,courgettes and aubergine.

  • 14.90

    Chicken skewers

    Marinated in Mediterranean spices then flame-grilled with bell peppers and onions. Served with a dressed mix leaf salad and fries.


  • 24.99


    10 oz Tender grass-fed sirloin steak, char-grilled to your liking with creamed mash or fries.

  • 31.90

    Bone – in rib eye

    14 oz Rib eye with a soft centre of fat giving it more flavour.

Burgers & Panuozzi

  • 13.90

    Vegan Burger (VG)

    Savor our quinoa mushroom walnut burger patty with vegan cheese and rosemary mayo. VG

  • 10.90

    Kotopulo Panuozzi

    Chef”s chicken gyros baked sourdough ponuozzo (big Italian sandwich) with mayo sauce or tzatziki,tomato, lettuce and fries.

  • 14.90


    Toasted brioche bun spread with in-house burger sauce, filled with a juicy hand-made 6oz grass-fed beef patty, melted Emmental cheese and caramelised red onion marmalade.


  • 19.90

    Sea Bass filet

    Seared in butter and olive oil then simmered down with lemon,served with roasted vegetables and creamed mash or fries.

  • 21.90

    Honey mustard Salmon

    Oven-roasted salmon, mustard, honey, and garlic infusion served with mash potatoes or fries and steamed veg.

Pasta & Risotto's

  • 13.90


    Spaghetti; bolognaise, created with grass-fed premium ground beef topped with parmesan cheese.

  • 12.90

    Giardiniera (V)

    Penne; grated courgette in a garlic-butter, chilli and cheese sauce topped with crispy spinach fritters. V

  • 14.90


    Spaghetti; guanchaiale,egg, parmesan and black pepper serves over al dente

  • 14.90


    Spaghetti; succulent chicken breast in a creamy pepperoncino chilli, parmesan and spinach sauce.

  • 16.90


    Linguini; a medley of mussels, shrimp and calamari in a rich tomato and herb sauce. P

  • 17.40

    Risotto di Mare

    Arborio rice; shrimp, mussels and squid in a tomato butter and parsley sauce. P

Pizza & Calzone

  • 9.90


    Classically prepared tomato base, mozzarella and locally grown basil. V

  • 11.90


    Authentic tomato base, melted mozzarella with a sumptuous amount of sliced pepperoni.

  • 11.90


    Tomato sauce base, aubergine fritters, carpaccio di courgette and Greek olives, topped with cream of peppers and a sprinkling roasted cashews. V

  • 13.50


    Chilli tomato sauce, mozzarella,olives and spicy hot pepperoni drizzled with aged chilli oil.

  • 18.90


    With parma ham , mozzarella , parmesan , cherry tomatoes ,olives and baby arugula with a basil-pesto.

  • 14.50

    Four Cheeses (Greco-Romano)

    Delicious tomato base topped with feta, gorgonzola, mozzarella and parmesan. V

  • 14.90


    Sumptuous tomato base, mozzarella, ham, pepperoni, bell peppers, red onions and mushrooms.

  • 14.90


    A rich tomato base, mozzarella, Greek olives, mushroom, red onion, vine tomatoes, bell peppers and flaked feta cheese. V

  • 12.90

    Pepperoni Calzone

    Tomato sourdough pocket, stuffed with mozzarella, parmesan and pepperoni – backed to please.

Sides & Dips

  • 5.90

    Sweet Potato Fries (VG)

  • 2.50

    Garlic Mayo

  • 3.50


  • 4.90


  • 4.90

    Mash potatoes

  • 4.90

    Fries VG

  • 3.90

    Roasted vegetables VG


  • 6.50

    Crème Brule

    Creamy rich vanilla homemade custard, topped with crunchy torched sugar. V

  • 6.90

    Sticky toffee pudding (V)

    Savor the warmth of sticky toffee pudding, with rich toffee sauce topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. V

  • 6.50

    Chocolate brownie (V)

    Rich fudgy chocolate brownie with salted pecans served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. V