• 11.90

    Burrata e mortadella Panuozzi

    A sourdough Panuozzo of pistachio mortadella, Puglian burrata, tomatoes, fries nutty arugula and parsley dressed with an in-house vinaigrette.

  • 13.90

    Hallumi Burger

    Authentic Greek hallumi, garlic infused mushrooms, caramelised white onion, crunchy lettuce with Chef Donica’s mayo sauce.

  • 10.90

    Panuozzi Vegetariano (V)

    Sourdough paunozzo filled with aubergine, pan-seared pear, nutty Gorgonzola, earthy arugula, caramelised red onion marmalade and sour cream sauce. V

  • 13.90

    Vegan Burger (VG)

    Savor our quinoa mushroom walnut burger patty with vegan cheese and rosemary mayo. VG

  • 14.90


    Toasted brioche bun spread with in-house burger sauce, filled with a juicy hand-made 6oz grass-fed beef patty, melted Emmental cheese and caramelised red onion marmalade.

  • 10.90

    Kotopulo Panuozzi

    Chef”s chicken gyros baked sourdough ponuozzo (big Italian sandwich) with mayo sauce or tzatziki,tomato, lettuce and fries.